Tuesday, August 11, 2009


edit - he lives! he finally shut off, and then turned on awhile later. he has to be plugged in constantly, but he lives!

tragically, 12 hours ago, i lost a dear friend.

a friend who has been there with me for the last five years.

mr. iPod.

i bought him with my last paycheck from my first summer at lakeview.

he died in my sleep last night.

singing to me as he did so many nights.

according to the screen that he is frozen on it happened at 1:34am. (right before starting this post i looked at my phone and it was 1:34pm. on the dot. weird.) 8 minutes before the sleep timer shut him off.

he went out on a great song, a bit ironic for the situation.

7 seconds into playing "Jesus are you real" by mason jennings.

i hope he found his answer.



krista/ralf said...

bahahaha. Jesus IS real! ipod brought back from the dead!

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