Wednesday, August 19, 2009

have you ever snuggled with a bird?

i hadn't until jude. he loves to snuggle, and he'll let you know.

if you ask for lovin' he will put his head down and wait for you to rub his neck. it's the cutest thing. especially when he really gets into it and closes his eyes. then you can see his itty bitty eyelashes.

here's a video from last night. james didn't think he was in the mood to snuggle, but sure enough, he gets him to.

at the end you can see their other trick.

and yes, we call each other "mommy" and "daddy" to maggs and jude. feel free to roll your eyes.

we also discovered that jude gets just as jealous of maggs as maggs does of him. this should be fun come next month when they both have competition like they've never seen!


momv said...

i really never knew birds had personalities!?! what does maggs think of jude?

shel said...

maggs doesn't mind him. he usually comes out and watches/pouts while we play. they've sniffed each other, and jude started biting maggs' nails the other day!

laura katherine said...

we've had cockatiels for years! and i love that they cuddle . . . too cute!

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