Tuesday, August 25, 2009

passing time.

that's pretty much all we've been doing.

just passing time. not a whole lot going on around here.

finding ways to fill our days and nights.

one thing that took up quite a bit of our time was building our church's new website. our church is growing, quite a bit. we are moving towards two services, new groups are forming. we wanted to move keep up technology wise too.

ben had ideas to modernize it, i took some pictures that will be in rotation, told james what i wanted design wise, and james built it from scratch.

i cannot begin to count the hours james put in to this. i'm really proud of him, even if i complained most nights. "website again?" he had to have my approval over every little detail because "you're the creative one, this is you're design, i'm just building."

we're finally ready to release it. there are a few things still missing, but for the most part it's ready to go. it will be constantly updated which is great. newsletters, sermons, announcements, calendar.

we're pretty proud of it!

my favorite quote about it was from celina "it's like we're a grown up church now...at least technology wise." :) we were/are a pretty small church. very cozy, but wow, we are growing!

check it out here.


momv said...

now i can listen to ben's sermons:)
nice job, it is nice that you will always have up to date info on the site, something we lack with no real newsletter...you two are so blessed to have found your church family in georgia. love <>< +

tristan said...

it looks wonderful!!! i'm making my way through a book on photoshop and illustrator as a refresher (i worked with it in high school) with the hopes of designing my blog and for a creative outlet. some girls we got to church with own a web design business and it's been awesome to catch a glimpse into how one would put what they see in their head on to the internet...

i feel your pain in trying to fill your days and nights. matt's found himself caught up in my organization sprees several times over the last few days and tevyn, thankfully, plays along and helps mommy make piles. :)

how was your dr's appointment?!?! i hope you're doing well and getting as much rest as possible.

i hope all is well for you!

Nicolasa said...

That looks great!

Hosh said...

looks good! I'm curious how james built it. I've always wanted to dabble in design. (in my free time - haha - that is non-existent right now!) Hope to see happy family pictures soon!

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