Tuesday, August 6, 2013

the talking.

dude, it is non stop.

i am exhausted by the end of the day just from listening.

i don't mind hearing her talk while she plays. the stories she comes up with. it's hilarious to eavesdrop on her.

it's when she needs me to reply...and reply in a certain way that drives me batty.

"can i watch a movie?"


"say 'yes' mama."


"i want to watch mcyardigans?" (backyardigans)


"no, mama, say 'okay mcyardigans!"


laughing "mama! say 'okay mcyardigans!"

and so it goes...and goes...and goes.

all the live long day.

i can barely get a pic without her talking.

(i probably have ten more like that just from the last month!)

it's not all bad though, she has given us a few gems. it's been awhile since i dumped some of my favorites so here goes.


in the car...where james can tune her out and i cannot. no matter how hard i try.

me - eliza. can you be quiet for just a few minutes? please.

eliza - well...i don't know how to be quiet!


after attending a wedding...

me - do you think you will get married one day?

eliza - yep! will you marry me mama? at nana and papa's?

me - sure, but who will daddy marry then?

eliza - well...it's not for everyone.

so true, eliza. so true.


she likes to talk about when she was a baby in georgia and korea.

"was i a walkin' baby in korea?"


she has been inviting everyone to her "fancy dancy" (nancy) birthday party for the last few months. anytime someone says goodbye. she must give hugs and kisses, and then she says "and you can come to my fancy dancy party!"

this applies to complete strangers too...even the hug and kiss part.

slightly awkward for all involved. except her.


showing her bratty side. so hard not to laugh though...

me - i'm tired of you not listening to what i'm trying to say.

eliza - well i'm just tired of what you're trying to say.


she also spouts off random sayings (or her version) that i don't know where she picks them up.

i'm going to knock your socks off!

last one there is a pickle burger!

mark my words.

the more the merrier! (while picking colors of paper.)

it's pretty tricky. it's probably pretty tricky for me.


while swinging with hattie and me in the hammock.

"will you just get my big booty up here?"

and later when hattie was screeching...

"hattie. this is just a relaxing swing."


if the last few days are any indication, hattie is going to be just as noisy. she has been squealing, singing, screeching way more than normal.

was hoping maybe she would just let eliza talk for her, but i'm afraid she is just going to try to talk over her.

ahh life with little girls!

and yes, i'm sure the nanas are laughing. i know, i know...payback.


Anonymous said...

She is awesome. Special. Different. And you know I like Different. :)

momv said...

wears me out just thinking of it:)

momv said...

grandma used to say we talked non stop and there was 2 of us, so consider yourself lucky:)

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