Tuesday, August 20, 2013

seven months of hattie!

oh my. it's hard to believe. 7 months of her!

things she likes...
sitting up.
getting up on her knees and rocking. no! :(
smiling with her whole face.
sleeping on her belly.
her blankets.
eating...or exploring.
water in any form. (splashing and drinking!)
being snuggled.
being worn.
sitting on a blanket outside.
patting your back.
being able to see me...every second of the day that she is awake.

oh hattie. your sister was never a snuggler. was never too attached. i wished and wished that she would. i would bring her in our bed on nights daddy was gone, after she had fallen asleep, and she would perk up and think it was party time. she'd fight us if we tried to rock her to sleep. she needed her space. God laughed and gave me you. oh how much you love me! don't get me wrong, i LOVE your snuggles. sometimes it is a little ridiculous that i cannot leave a room without you throwing a huge fit. even if you are busy playing, or being held by someone else. it's flattering, and annoying! for now, i soak up your snuggles. if i've learned one thing from your sister (who eventually became a better snuggler) it's that these days are fast. so fast. you are already trying to be mobile. you sit up now. you eat food at random. you drink from a sippy if i offer you one. you get yourself to sleep (when you want to!) you play more with eliza. it's all so wonderful, but man...where did the last 7 months go? we of course had another busy one. you stayed with aunt alyssa while mama and daddy went to a wedding on our 5th anniversary. it was the longest we were apart, and we survived! i wasn't too worried about you, more for alyssa, and mostly for me. i am just as attached to you. :)
you have brought so much happiness to us! you are many prayers answered little fawn.


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