Saturday, November 21, 2009

life around here.

eliza is 10 weeks old today! she had to get her 2 month shots on monday. she is up to 10lbs 15oz. can't believe i'm already packing clothes up!

that's how she spent most of the day after her shots.

she's been in her crib for a week now, and every night she has slept at least 9 hours. i just took down the pack 'n play yesterday. store the bassinet for the next one!

just finished this activity gym. my dad made it, but i sanded and painted it. the animals were from my mobile when i was a baby. she has knocked them a few times and made them jingle.

she's also fallen asleep under there a few times. she NEVER sleeps on the floor alone!

she's also all about the smiles and "talking" these days. it's so much fun!

we are looking forward to another trip to indiana. this time for joshUA and adrienne's wedding!

hope you're having a great weekend!


jackie said...

Oh my goodness, Shel...she is so sweet! :) Great job on the toy as well...super cute.

Nicolasa said...

How adorable she is! I want to cuddle her!
Great job on the toys!

krista/ralf said...

i am in LOVE with her sad face.

Natalie said...

She is so adorable it's insane. :)

krista/ralf said...

i don't know what kind of excuses you think you're going to come up with... but you need to update sister. :) love you.

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