Friday, September 4, 2009

adventures with maggs and jude.

there is a spot in bean's baby book to put a picture of siblings. underneath that asks how many brothers and sisters there are along with ages. well, below that they have a spot for family pets. so i filled that in and figured instead of having a blank picture spot i'd get one of maggs and jude.

i only had one picture of them together. i love it, but it's a little blurry and features a messy room...

so james and i spent one night trying to get the perfect picture.

there were quite a few outtakes. one would be looking at the camera, while the other flipped out, rolled over, stretched, whatever.

there was one point where james had them both looking and right when he took the picture they both looked into the kitchen at something, and i started cracking up because it looked like he had told them "now look into the distance...into your future!"

at the end of the photoshoot maggs retreated to his cage. james followed with jude for more torture, and this is the best we got.

my dog...hating his life.

i love it.


Patty said...

That last picture is too cute. Poor Maggs.

Dyan said...

so hilarious!!!

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