Monday, September 21, 2009

her name.

i've been having people ask me where we got her name from. is it a family name?

james and i each had a name picked out for a few years now. before we were even back together. he had a boys name and mine was a girl's. we each liked the other so it worked out perfect!

i picked eliza because it's the name of lake where my parents met in the summer of 1970. nanny (my great-grandma) lived near it, and i just always liked the name.

june came a little later. i had another name picked out, but once we found out she was a girl i got to thinking. i wanted a family name included. i went back and forth between jean and june. after talking to tammy and hearing her say "i'm eliza jean, i was born in georgia!" in the most southern accent ever, i decided june would be a better choice. :) it was grandma rockhill's first name. unfortunately i only got the chance to meet her a couple times back in high school, but i know how important she was to james and his family. grandpa rockhill has been such a big part of our life and i wanted to honor his wife.

i also picked it thinking it might help soften the blow that she didn't have a penis. james was really holding out!

so there she is...miss bean...

eliza june.

(the quilt she is laying on was given to her. it belonged to her great-great-great grandma. june's family line. very special!)


momv <>< + said...

it is a beautiful quilt for a beautiful girl:) i noticed you took the pic in the hospital, because she has her safety device still on her ankle:) love nana <>< +

momv <>< + said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
momv <>< + said...

it posted twice... so i deleted one:)

Cori said...

I love her little onesie, did you make it? Once she learns her letters I'll teach her all about typography :)
I love hearing the stories from Lake Eliza, my mom still has the matchbook with my dad's phone number on it from when she first met him down by the lake :)

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