Wednesday, September 2, 2009

church shower.

the ladies at our church threw me a shower last saturday.

it was so wonderful to get together!

i also broke out the pink polka dot dress that tammy wore to dav and whit's wedding.

this dress was dying to be worn again.

i also fell in love with petit fours. they were delicious!

bean is pretty set on clothes. now hoping she really is a girl, or we'll have one mixed up kid!

can't believe september is finally here!

i'm 38 weeks today. people are making me laugh when they say "i feel like you have been pregnant forever!"

it's true though. it's been a year since we got pregnant the first time, and except for almost a month after the d&e i have been pregnant this whole time.

james found some vodka shooters in the cabinet the other day and said "why are these here, and why didn't i know about them?!"

i told him "i got them at my shower for the wedding, and well, i have been pregnant pretty much the whole time we've been married!"

looking forward to a few drinks in the future! :)

for now...we wait.


krista/ralf said...

i LOVED that pink polka dot dress tammy wore! so glad you got to sport it! love you.

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