Wednesday, September 9, 2009


i tried to tell bean that this would make a great birthday. very numerically pleasing. especially for this number crazy mama, but i don't think she cares.

that's okay though. we still have a week until our official due date, and i'm still feeling good. (just don't ask me at night when i become an insomniac.)

it's funny to see people's reactions when they ask how far along i am, or how much longer i have. their eyes get real big! it's usually followed by "but you don't look that big. you should have seen me!" and a head nod from their husband.

i appreciate it, but all i can see is a big ol' belly!

my favorite thing as of late have been pushing on her bottom and making her feet pop out my left side. it never gets old!

can't wait to squeeze that little tush for real.


Anonymous said...

The day's not over yet. :) Bean COULD still make her appearance today...although it is not sounding likely. Hang in there! She'll be here before you know it! Would you like me to send you Cade to occupy your time before she arrives? Just say the word. :)

4kids4 said...

lol...I used to love poking at all my babies:):)

vande2 said...

Oh, I hope you get one with an Evia butt. She has the best, squishy butt. :)

dobovo said...

Ha... that last sentence... You have officially skipped over "Mom vocabulary" into Grandma talk. Love you so much for that.

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