Saturday, December 12, 2009


eliza is three months old today!

we had a spontaneous trip to indiana. james' dad collapsed at work. went to the hospital and they found a blockage. they put a stent in and it seemed to do the trick.

since we left in a hurry i forgot to grab her the blanket and her 3 month onesie. so the pictures will have to wait until we get back home.

things she likes...
sitting up on your lap.
standing up.
not being cradled like a baby.
the moby, but only if her feet are sticking out.
staring at Christmas lights.
being held facing out.
playing on the floor.
looking at herself in the mirror.

this has been a great month. we finally got the hang of nursing. both of us are enjoying it a whole lot more. she's also taken a bottle a few times. she is all smiles, and has been such a joy. she had a couple naps in her crib. that was big! she's still sleeping great at night. she does pretty well in church. she's only had to be taken out once or twice. this month her first round of shots, went to indiana for the second time, went to her first wedding, celebrated her first thanksgiving, got a Christmas tree, hung out in the bumbo, went to indiana for the third time, started blowing bubbles and imitating actions, tried desperately to roll over...


Amy and Mark said...

Shel Bell - She is so beautiful! I love that we all counted down the months with you and James towards her arrival and now we'll all forever be counting up her months!!! What a beautiful blessing you have!

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