Monday, December 7, 2009

yea, yea.

i know, it's been 2 weeks.

i don't have much time to stop and write. what time i do get i'm trying to keep up with my actual pen and paper journal. it's been going for almost 15 years strong, and i don't want to miss out now.

eliza still won't nap, unless she's being held so i don't have many chances. i've gotten pretty good at updating facebooks pictures one handed though!

we can't complain about the naps though because for the last month she's slept 9 hours, nursed and slept for another 3 or 4 hours.

james thinks i should take advantage of that early morning nap and have "me time." i told him i do, i just spend it sleeping!

speaking of "me time" i got 4 1/2 hours of it last night. james kept her for the first time. she took a bottle with no problem and he had her bed. (after a few phone calls of questions. the first coming when i was just a couple miles down the road!)

over the last few weeks we spent some time in indiana for my best friend's wedding. she married my oldest brother. it's such a blessing!

eliza and i had our first flight together and i was too stressed forgot to take any pictures. she did okay once she settled in, but we got stuck in traffic, was sent to the wrong terminal and walked back and forth, and did not meet very many nice airport employees.

we picked up our Christmas tree last week. got that all decorated and she loves to stare at the lights!

the most recent news is that james got orders for germany. we would be able to go with him, but we're trying to get it changed stateside. we have all sorts of maybes flying around. we'd really like to stay, or me stay, where we are now. pray for that! hopefully we'll know something soon!

and now, random pictures for mom who doesn't like fb...
click to make larger.

i love all her little outfits. they are too cute i have to take pictures. most are church dresses. a few were thrift store finds.

these were random ones from our trip home. ma posted mine of ua and adrienne. just realized i didn't have him on here. the first one is from when i watched enola while whit was working. the girls got some playtime in.

getting our tree, and the nativity set ma made in ceramics.

and finally, from today. it was pretty cold here. we had to run to the post office so i put this bonnet on her. she hates hats so that half smile is all i could get out of her.

the bonnet was mine when i was a baby, and i think she just looks too cute!

i've had some old ladies comment about me taking her out in the cold. i just laugh thinking about if we were living in indiana. she'll be okay!


momv said...

thanks shel, of course i am sitting here crying! i just want to hold her:)
she is beautiful just like you were! i could not go in a store with out someone behind me in line saying "she is beautiful and look at those eyes!" brings back memories
i love you

krista/ralf said...

thanks for updating. :) i needed some southern love. i just can't wait to meet eliza. every time i look at pictures i just want to cry too! i bet it was cute having james call while he was "babysitting". ahh! i'm guessing eliza LOVED her daddy time! i miss you guys so terrible. if i didn't only have $10 to my name right now from school draining all my funds i'd be so excited about figuring out how to visit.. :( you.andever.

krista/ralf said...

p.s. i sure smiled to see bunny poking up there in the cute bonnet pictures! love you ladies!

Erin said...

I remember when Luke was a newborn (in February), we were leaving the hospital and this older woman was like, "Oh MY, that little baby is NOT COVERED in this cold" and I just remember thinking, Lady, I just had him, do you really think I'm going to put a blanket over his face!?;)

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