Saturday, April 18, 2009

my craft room.

after all these months of living here i finally got my craft room to be how i want it. for the most part anyway.

amazing what a morning alone will do. i had an idea for a project, and i've been putting off so many others, but somewhere i found inspiration to get down there and clean!

i read a blog not to long ago about how hard it will be to do things like this once a baby comes. the writer/future mom was afraid all her projects would never get done. maybe that was my inspiration. either way, i got my butt in gear and here are the results.

the first picture is from a few months ago. i hadn't been down there much at all the last couple months because it's in the basement and so cold down there! (our furnace is in the attic, so there is no way to get heat, unless we used a space heater.) add even more junk, and a layer of drywall dust from the new laundry room installation over everything, and that's pretty much where i started today.

that door in the second picture goes to the garage. so james and i can be "crafty" together! :)

my yellow locker is back! it held clothes last year. this is much more fun!

that door goes to the outside. i love that i can get some fresh air if i want.

random junk i can't part with in the first picture. still looking for a place to store that.

i had fun organizing the locker! it's perfect!

i had been hanging on to these "anne taintor" calendars since 2005. ma gets me one every Christmas. i finally found a purpose. i have one more row to go, but i ran out of tape.

i think i'll be much more inspired in this space!

happy day!


4kids4 said...


nancy said... can you come over and set up my picture/video room? please?

momv said...

glad to see your locker still getting use:) hey we have 2 more sport lockers, from center school in the garage!!! want em:)

Hosh said...

cool :)

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