Thursday, April 9, 2009

one year. after a long 15 months.

i really can't believe james has already been home a year.

why did this year fly by, yet the 15 months he was gone have to drag on and on? that's a silly question, that i already know the answer to.

it's exciting to me that we are finally, after close to 9 years of long distance and being apart, going to get to do things for the 2nd time around! it's about time.

i'll never forget the lonely feeling a deployment slaps you with.

then also this sweet, sweet, feeling of being reunited.

i'd have to say this may have been the greatest moment of my life. even with the wedding, there is nothing like this moment.

it was a happy day!
(i still love that first picture of the kids, and their "tomato on stilts" like drawing.)


krista/ralf said...

i still can't watch it without crying. :) you.andever.

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