Thursday, April 16, 2009

i popped.

i wasn't going to post this, but i just can't get over it.

i kept hearing girls on thebump talk about how one day you'll just wake up and your belly has popped. i didn't believe it until yesterday.

i wasn't able to post my weekly picture as early as normal (had to get to work) as i was getting dressed i noticed my t-shirt was a little shorter in the front. "that's weird." i thought. i was in a rush so i didn't fully check it out.

well i got home that afternoon, and after a pizza hot pocket and cherry coke i took a picture and this was the result.

compare that to last week.

yea, a bit more round this week.

so later i was laying on the couch and (don't ask why) i stuck my finger in my belly button.

pardon the interruption. james apparently wanted to contribute to the blog for the first time...
waqwqwqwqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq (q

thanks babe!

so back to me with my finger in my belly button. i noticed it felt a little more shallow than normal. (i have a thing with/for belly buttons)

i decided to go fully inspect myself in the mirror.

this is what i saw.

warning meg. it's a bare belly! :)

at about this time i freaked out. emailed our mom's, and realized just what is about to come.

that is...until james came home. i explained it all to him, pulled my shirt up, and get the reply "it doesn't look any different."

thanks babe! of course i took the girl thought to that as "so you're saying i've always been this huge?"

of course it didn't help that i had just eaten two cupcakes with my required zillionth glass of ice water.

write this down on the list of things not to say to a pregnant lady!

oh, and i'm scared of what's to come, but i heard bean just went through a growth spurt, and it settles down the next few weeks.

we'll see!


Meg said...

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I'm scarred!!!!!!!! :-) Just kidding....kind of....just don't take it personally. You're the cutest pregnant person I've seen!

momv said...

i love it! you are too cute:) nana <>< +

james and michele said...

ha! thanks meg. i thought it was only right to give fair warning. :)

vande2 said...

That's a cute belly!

Blondiesaur said...

Your bump is so cute!

nancy said...

: )

Crystal said...

That is so funny! I'd just been telling Mikaela about how I thought your profile changed so much this week. I thought maybe it was because you were wearing a skirt instead of pants. :o) I commented to Laura too! I think it's absolutely adorable!! And I can't WAIT until you get here on Friday and I can see the 'bump of bean' in person!!!!! Love ya!

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