Monday, April 27, 2009

spilling the beans.

(pardon the pun)

we (okay, fine, mostly i) wanted to do something different and fun for our parents to tell them the sex of bean. since they are all so far away, this could be tricky. i wanted something more than just a phone call.

i've seen ideas where people have pink or blue icing filled cakes. that's cute, but not practical for us.

most everyone has gotten accustomed to referring to it as "bean" so i had the most random thought one day. (this was actually what kicked my butt into gear to clean and organize my craft room)

i'd send them a can of beans, (totally not cute) but i'd make them cute! cover the label and have a surprise for them. if it was a girl they'd find kidney beans (redish pink) and if it was a boy it would be a can of navy beans (navy = blue)

unfortunately they'd have to wait. i was heading out of town for the weekend and james and i wanted to reveal this together. plus i had to give time to the usps to deliver the packages.

they all should have received them by the time i got back. tammy said there was no way they could wait and not peek. so i should peel the label off.

i was hoping they wouldn't have to actually open the can (because beans are the prettiest sight) but i figured she was on to something!

so i peeled it off, wrote a note, made the labels and stuck them to the can. covered up any other stamps with a label on the bottom of the can signed from bean, and shipped them north.

we wanted to set up the webcams and have them open the cans live. this way we could see their reaction. it was pretty fun!

james' mom doesn't have a webcam, and she works nights, so it was going to be hard to get her, jeff, james and i around at the same time. i called james today and actually got ahold of him. he did a three way call and we got to listen as kathy and jeff opened their can. james was on top of a mountain at the time. her shriek was hilarious!

next i got a voicemail from my dad saying he was hungry and wondering if he could eat these beans they got in the mail! and an email from cheryl letting me know the package came, and she was waiting on brian.

then they had to wait until james came home from work so we could get on skype and watch.

so what did they see?

good ol' kidney beans. :)

as far as the lady could tell our little bean is a girl!

we have another ultrasound in a week or so, and she said they'd check again then. so right now james still has hope that his son is just teasing us and tucking it back.

it's not that he doesn't want a girl, he just knows she won't like him

i had a girl feeling all along, so i'm not thinking it's going to change. sorry babe!

it's so exciting, and fun to refer to bean as "she" or "her" or especially by her name!


Erin said...

I am so excited for you! I really love how you told the grandparents.

danny and courtney said...

will you tell us her name when you find out for sure what you're having??

Dyan said...

Awwwww it's a baby girl bean!!! Congratulations so now do you have any names picked out for this princess???

momv said...

can't wait til we get to hold our baby girl:) do we get to see the other ultrasound pics? nana

krista/ralf said...

i LOVE that i have called bean 'her' the whole time so naturally and then it was confirmed (kinda almost..)! she just felt like a girl to me. :) love you and congrats!!!

The Farm said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH OF YOU!! The great grandkids were getting outnumbered by boys anyway! Are you coming home this summer? We'll need to plan a shower for you and Whitney. Love ya, Beanie Baby's Great Aunt Susie

james and michele said...

thanks everyone!

we (well i) have the name picked out already. i had the first girl's name, he had the first boy's name beforehand.

not sure if we're going to share with everyone just yet. :)

vande2 said...

Aw, James will be a great dad. Look at him with Emma and Evia, they love him!

jackie said...

Congrats!!! Baby girls are so much me!

catie's captures. said...

i cannot wait to meet HER!!! and of course photograph her...

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