Tuesday, June 18, 2013


took some time today to enjoy the weather and just swing with my girls. one of my favorite places in the yard.
 eliza wanted to take a pic of hattie and me.
my turn to capture one of my favorite girls.
i tell her how pretty she is. she smiles and says "thanks mama." i hope she always take compliments well.
those eyelashes.
she might look like daddy, but she is mine.
 this one was a little tired of being smooshed by big sister.
 room to stretch!
 love how hattie is holding my chin. random.
annoying them both...they will thank me later.

this was a much nicer ride than the first time hattie was in it with me. first swing after james rehung it and the cord slipped. hattie and i got folded up like a taco. completely stuck while nana, papa and daddy got a good laugh!

making memories.


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