Monday, July 9, 2012

what just happened?

whit drove the girls and me up to nana and papa's for the night.

we had plans to take the older ones to the drive in close by to see brave.

it was a fun night!

this morning the girls played in the yard while whit got some schoolwork done.

just hanging with nana and papa.

then it was time to leave and eliza gave nana tommy. (her brown bunny aka tommins)

she said "you keep tommy."

ma, whit and i just looked at each other then back to eliza.

me - "you want nana to keep tommy?"

eliza - "tommy stay here!"

ma - "are you sure about that? you want me to keep him? you might miss him later."

eliza - "no. he stay here."

me - "oooookay?! bye tommy!"

whit - "bye tommy!"

eliza - :waves: "BYE TOMMY!"

side eyes from whit, ma and me.

what just happened?

ma tossed him to me on the way out and stuffed him in the bag for later.

she told james that tommy stayed with nana.

at bedtime i was wondering if she was going to ask for him like she usually does.

she didn't so i said "hey eliza, where is tommy?"

"tommy at nana's."

no, seriously...what just happened?

in other news, bankie and dandra (her bitty baby) are still held tightly.

and she found a pink bunny (her standard as a baby) and said "look! it's my LEEEEETLE bunny!"

seriously kid, stop. growing.


Katie Moldenhauer said...

<3 I feel your pain (and pride!)

kwRN said...

my pink bunny?!?

Emily Cook said...

oh so sweet. It all happens so fast! :( :)

momv said...

shel you better bring him with next time, in case she thinks she coming to visit him!

nancy said...

i say...
she has grasped the concept of insurance....

that she WILL see Nana again!

AND trust...that Nana will take care of Tommy.
(or maybe she wants Tommy to take care of Nana : )

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