Thursday, July 12, 2012

mama! get my tommy!

that's what she woke up yelling from bed today.

the first couple days she didn't care at all.

yesterday she asked me about him and i reminded her he was with nana.

then she asked james about him when he came home.

this morning that was the first thing out of her mouth!

james was ready with a story and said "i heard a knock on the door last night."

and i hopped tommy out of my bag and over to her bed.

later this morning she brought him up to james and said "daddy, look! my tommy!"

james started again about how he had already seen him. "i know! i saw him last night! i answered the door and he was just standing there!"

she interrupted and said "with nana?!"

i think aunt nancy might be right when she commented

"i  say...
she has grasped the concept of insurance....

that she WILL see Nana again!"

good to have you back creeper!


momv said...

she is so smart, of course why wouldn't nana be with tommy, i mean after all that is who she left him with:) thinks i should call her and tell her...he disappeared and i'm worried cause i can't find him!

nancy said...

who you calling the creeper?

james and michele said...

ha! tommy. he stands up and james used to make him stand next to her in her crib and he'd stare at her. it's our nickname for him!

nancy said...

oh. ok.

i thought you might be referring to my recent absence from the interwebs.

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