Monday, July 15, 2013

looking for woodstock.

found this a frame plan on pinterest and since james is currently working at menards he picked up some cheap materials and whipped it up. i still need to make a cover for it, but for now eliza's great-great-great grandma's quilt works.

it was pretty hot today, so when i moved it in the yard we opted for something a bit more breathable. a sheet from my parent's wedding. the peas! it never fit their waterbed, so it's in perfect condition!

the great thing about this next picture is that i didn't tell eliza to hold hattie's hand. she was faking a grumper face too. she acts like hattie is a pain, but i always catch her loving on her!

after that she noticed little gnats flying around hattie and she was shooing them and saying "stay away from my sister!" then she covered hattie up and tucked her blanket all around her, commenting on how she'd be safe now. kind of a big deal because eliza hates bugs!

also made some more clover crowns. eliza likes hanging them on her clubhouse. i love our little hippie chicks.

this was from the other day, but it fit here.

and hattie dancing in the tent.

have i mentioned how much i love our yard? the shade trees are the best!


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