Thursday, May 28, 2015

conversations with eliza.

eliza - "i just want to wear this shirt, but i don't like the white sox."

me - "excuse me?"

eliza - "i don't like the white sox."

me - "that's not ok."

eliza - "what...i just like the bears and colts!"

me - "well, that is football. you can still like the white sox."

eliza - "i just don't like them."

nana - "what are you? a cubs fan?!"

eliza - "oooh! that sounds pretty! i like the cubs!"

me - "just go. get out of my house!"

eliza - "why?"

me - "you can't like them. they are a horrible team!"

eliza (growing concerned) - "why? what do they do?"

me - "THEY LOSE!"

it took a phone call to uncle luke, but we got her straightened out. "well, i like them...i just don't love them!"

james told her just to say she doesn't like baseball. we can accept that. not liking the sox? that requires an intervention.

also, she requested that abner wear his baseball shirt today. so fitting for our home baby!


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