Friday, May 29, 2015

abner is (was) eight months.

crazy. crazy. crazy.

abner likes...
army crawling.
exploring food.
sucking his fingers.
standing up. don't you dare try to make him sit.
finding the smallest speck on the floor and going for it.
being determined.
playing outside.
playing with toys.
time with daddy.
smiling at his sisters.
being happy. "does he ever cry?"
complaining about teeth. "yes, yes he does."
the months continue to pass quickly, but are filled with so much fun now that you can really see his personality shine. he plays, he laughs, he lets you know if he doesn't like something. he gets to where he wants to be. we went on our first camping trip as a family of five and to keep him contained we brought a blow up pool. worked great to let him have freedom, but keep him safe! he got his first glimpse of lake michigan, and loved the sand and water. he is very intrigued with beer. makes his daddy proud. continues to be so easy going. and that fedora. oh how i thought they were silly for babies, but when you have a kid that doesn't bother taking it off? it's irresistible. nana has said often that i am so in love with him, and he is so in love with me too. it's true. he stole our hearts. his sisters are still enamored, although he is slightly less cool since he can now eat crayons or grab ninja turtles...and hair! :) just getting a head start on the sister torment.


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