Wednesday, December 12, 2012

this happened.

as i was trying to get eliza out the door to head to meet a customer before mops maggs was not getting in his box like i told him to a zillion times.

we recently moved it to the utility room.

the utility room my (awesome!) husband cleaned this past weekend.

after realizing how late it was getting and maggs still not listening, this hormonal mama lost it.


as i turned around i see eliza with her hat pulled down over her eyes.

"mama don't yell. i don't like it. it scares me."

instant mama guilt washed over me. i'm sorries were said, but all morning while she was at moppets i was wrestling with this convicting feeling.

so on the drive home i brought it up again. i talked, tried to explain, apologized, asked if she'd forgive me, and she replied...

"i do. i was just teasing mama! teasing like daddy!"

well gee, thanks for the guilt trip!

then we walk in to find that maggs had escaped and the once clean room looked like this...

and i took a deep breath and said "real funny God."


momv said...


Emily Cook said...

There are times when a mama has every RIGHT to throw a big giant hissy fit!!!! RRRGGGGHHH that would send me over the edge! :)

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