Thursday, December 6, 2012

just like mama.

that was the name of a library book she picked this last round and it's so fitting for this stage.

 not only has she had me read it over and over and she yells the "just like mama!" part in this perfect three year old sing song voice, but she also has been watching me close.

out of the corner of my eye i catch her mimicking me when she takes care of her dolls, or maggs.

i overhear her telling them the same things i tell her.
she watches how i wash my face and then does the same thing to her own.

the same goes for brushing hair.

i have her lay down on my legs in the bath so i can wash her hair.

when she's in by herself i hear her talking to her mermaid "now lay back...i have to wash your hair. it's okay!"

yesterday morning, first thing...

eliza - "i want clothes!"

me thinking "seriously, i'm not even out of bed yet, and we usually always stay in our jammies!"

she changes a few times then says "no, i want a green you."

shirt and pants had to be as close to my jammies as possible...and she had to tell krista about it on the phone.

just like mama.
i know this moment is fleeting, and as annoying as it can be at times, it is pretty precious!


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