Thursday, December 20, 2012

fawn update.

i'll be 34 weeks tomorrow! and things are starting to get real.

delia came at 34 weeks 5 days, and even though that doesn't mean fawn will be early it's still settling in. we're going to have a new baby! at home!

people keep asking if we want a boy or a girl, and it's something i wrestled with for awhile. obviously, we just want a baby here with us, but it's hard not to consider what it would be like either way.

i hesitate on wanting a girl because i'm afraid it will just be bitter reminder of what we didn't get to experience with delia. seeing eliza have a sister here, doing sister things. at the same time though, i get excited thinking of another little girl. i love the name we have picked, i want to use it, i want to say it everyday. i want her to grow up with a sister.

most of the pregnancy i have felt like it was a boy though. that thought is exciting and scary. i grew up around boys, but i'm not a mama to one! it will definitely be an adjustment, and he'll suffer at home in some pink onesies i'm sure. :)

i had a check up last week. on the drive there eliza was pretending to talk on a phone. for some reason she loses all volume control when she plays this game, it's quite funny though. her conversation was as follows...

"hi _______! (insert everyone on her mind) how are you?! just going to the doctor. mama's getting a new baby! ok! talk to you later! bye!"

i love that innocence. just going to pick up a new baby! :)

at that appointment they requested another ultrasound because i haven't gained any weight. my belly was measuring fine, but they wanted to check on fawn.

so a few days later we went in for another peek. i mentioned to the lady that i had still been getting sick on occasion, and she figured i had gallstones. sure enough, i do! that explains the dull pain on my right side each pregnancy. annoying that it took two seconds for her to tell me that, and the docs just blamed heartburn this whole time!

after seeing this pic my mind said "oh! that's a boy!" but then i reminded myself that a lot of people swore my niece was a boy based on her ultrasound pic, and she is definitely not one!

this week i had a night of some pretty serious contractions. they were very close together, and felt just like the ones i had with delia before we left for the hospital. they tapered off, but not before i busted out a few onesies because "oh my goodness...we're going to have a baby and i have to make a onesie like i did for eliza!" and since we don't know the sex, i had to make two...just in case. (still need to stitch around for reinforcement.)
the next day my stomach was super sore, but it must have become real to james too, because he pulled all the baby boxes (that we shipped to and from korea) out so i could sit in the garage and pull out what we needed. this little space is filling up with tiny clothes, diapers, hats, toys...
eliza and i have been talking about fawn coming more and more too. i think she's a bit confused at times. still talking about delia, and asking when she is coming here. i wonder what she will think once we bring fawn home. she was in the hospital with us, and saw delia there, but never had to have a baby here. sharing her space, our time.

in one conversation i said "so it won't just be you, me and daddy. we will have a baby like enola does."

she replies with "and wowa is going to live with us?!"

to get her excited i had her help make a onesie. i saw the idea on delia creates and fell in love. i gave her "special" paper, let her sit at my desk, use my pen, and asked her if she could draw a picture of fawn.

i watched closely, and listened as she described what she was drawing "oh! hims needs hair!" "and here...a chin!" and highlighted those parts making it easier for me to make a stencil.

it was the first time i used freezer paper in this way, and it was so easy/fun! i want to turn all of her art into clothes!
she was pretty proud. if the way she acts around other babies is any indication, she is going to be a pretty sweet big sister!


Stephanie Hildebrandt said...

did james agree to hazel?

james and michele said...

i wish!

Emily Cook said...

oh I love it!!!
And Eliza's picture turned shirt, SO cute! You're going to have to teach me how to do that!

(She is going to be a GREAT big sis. wait, she already is. She will be even more so.)

BJoy said...

I am so in love with Fawn already!!! I'm so excited for "hims" arrival...
I really do think that fawn will take it's own place in Eliza's life and that Delia will always have a special part of her heart. She'll know the difference :-) She's a great big sister already! <3

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