Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a different side of deployments.

this is dan.

(he loves us so much he shaved his goatee for the wedding!)

he and james were stationed in italy together.

he was with james on their first deployment to afghanistan in 2004.

dan served 3 years and was honorably discharged in 2006.

he was just called back up.

deploying next year to iraq. probably a year long.

he was in his last semester of college, getting ready to get married, and now this.

it is weird for james to be on this side of a deployment. he's never been the one back here.

that bond that they share, i'm sure there is a part of him that wants to go with. to be by his side. it was the same thing that pulled him back there when he was home on leave and one of his guys was injured.

if you're the praying type, please add him to your list. amanda too. she's never been through this before, and you all know how hard it was for me.

praying for all the military members out there. in the sandbox and stateside.


mutedpalette said...

I hate to ask this, but I am curious. Is there any chance of James being stop lossed? Someone I know just was and I had forgot all about that policy.

james and michele said...

there is always a chance, but right now he is at a "non deployable" job. he re-enlisted so he could come here and work here instead of getting stop-lossed and serving the extra time over there. we'll see. hopefully it all works out, but nothing is guaranteed! obviously. stop loss sucks. a lot of people don't know about it. james describes it as a draft within the military. it's very frustrating!

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