Monday, February 23, 2009

another bean photoshoot.

in less than a month we've had to have 3 ultrasounds. nice to see bean so much. it sounds like fun, but i wish we didn't have to stress about it at all.

i had an abdominal one today. bean really didn't like all the pushing and prodding. he/she was jumping around like crazy. it was so cool to see.

also saw how stubborn it can be while they were trying to get all the measurements. really though, would you expect any less from a product of james and i? :)

if the doctor sees a problem while looking over everything they'll call us. otherwise we are just supposed to assume it was all okay!

as we walked out i said to james "so did you see it jumping this time? did you know what you were looking at?" he said "yea, that WAS pretty cool!"

yes it was!

my thyroid is getting checked out tomorrow. hopefully that all looks good (well good for me) too, and we can stop worrying. (is that possible?)

10 weeks 5 days.


krista/ralf said...

i have a feeling that your thyroid dose is too high and they are going to have to change you back to the strength you skipped... the 88mcg!! GREEEEEEEENNNN!!! :) you.andever.

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