Thursday, February 19, 2009

more home projects.

james came home with a chainsaw the other day. i was afraid, but trusted him.

he decided since the weather is nice he'll work on the yard a bit. he has grand plans. the main thing is to grow some grass. a feat around here.

he started out removing a few trees. me, being the one who wants to plant more trees, was against this idea. he wants to put a flag pole in though, and we did get some nice firewood.

i had to close the blinds because i just couldn't watch. turns out these two trees were actually connected (shows how much we pay attention to them) so he had to cut them pretty high.

he got both parts down without taking out the house, the electric wires, cars, or himself. so i'd say success!

before the tree removal began, he finished the laundry room in the basement. it still needs the ceiling, and i'm going to pain the doors, so part of the trim is off, but it's pretty much done! i love it! he did a good job.

the picture on the left shows the entrance to that side of the basement. the wall on the left is what he put in. the other picture shows the closet on the right. that isn't finished, but it will be soon!

so thankful for my handy man!


momv said...

lookin' good! he sure does like to keep busy

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