Wednesday, February 4, 2009

home improvements.

james has been working on a little project around here. he finally finished the first part of it, so i thought i'd share.

i have to explain the set up first.

we have two room coming off of our kitchen. the first room you came to was the laundry room. behind that was the pantry.

when we tried to move his washer and dryer in we realized they were just an inch or two too big to fit in the existing laundry room. so he decided to build a laundry room downstairs. i've shared pictures of that already. it's still a work in progress.

well up here, we figured we'd move the pantry to the first room. then eventually we could close off the back room and expand our master bath. (it shares a wall with the old pantry.)

so far we got the pantry moved. the rest will have to wait until we have time and money.

we did sell the washer and dryer they left here on craigs list and made $100 in a little over 10 minutes. it was awesome!

so here is what it looked like before. (well, this is after we moved the washer and dryer, and he patched all the holes. we painted the pantry the same color as the kitchen too.)

the first picture is taken from the kitchen so you can see how it was a door, one room, a door, the second room. the second picture is the old laundry room which also had shelves in it. the third picture is the old pantry. it had two walls of shelves.

and the after. i was so excited to organize. the old pantry started out as storage of wedding gifts. then as we got stocked up on food it had random cans stuffed everywhere. it was a mess! this is so much better!

the pictures should actually be flipped. (i just realized) the one on the right you can see continued on the picture on the left.

it's all confusing to explain, so maybe you should just come visit and see for yourself!


Anonymous said...

I L.O.V.E. home improvements!!
You guys are doing a FANTASTIC Job!! LOve it all!!!
And THANKS For SHaring!!!!


nancy said...

um. those cans lined up look a little like g. bob. are they alphabetized? i know this b/c as much as i repeat "less bob/more helen," bob usually wins!

but they do look pretty. just like the shelves on the store part of the log cabin!

james and michele said...

ah nance. the thought did cross my mind and they were almost alphabetized, but then i thought "james will think i've lost it." guess helen creeped it and kept me sane there. :) they are very nicely categorized though!

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