Friday, February 13, 2009

flashback friday.

from the days surrounding past valentines.

2005 - 14 feb

happy valentine's day!

my valentine count- 1 card from dad left on my desk this morning, 3 harry potter cards from two boys at riley (yep max gave me two just because) 1 scooby doo card, and 1 whale connect the dots card. oh and 3 messages on im when i got home. thanks for sending joy my way!

love to you all...

2006 - 13 feb

worked 12.5 hours today. that's half a season of 24.

sold $4,139.35 worth of product. that is $2,139.35 more than my goal.

it's usually a good day if i break $1,000. not to brag, but most people never hit that.

yay for valentines day. go buy a gas station rose. save me the hassle.

i kid i kid.

in other news...

i got a magglio bobblehead and a houston ball from world series batting practice from luke and tammy.

never wrote to the 24 fans to tell you luke's pastor baptized the new ctu guy. sean astin. or for those who know him better as sam the hobbit. ralf and i like to make halos around our head and sing a heavenly aaaaaaaaaa when he comes on screen. it's fun. try it.

2007 - 15 feb

candy heart coma.

yes it's true. i enjoy valentines day. maybe because i have a slight thing with mail. i love giving and receiving. i loved making mailboxes in the summer and sorting my family's mail. so making a mailbox out of my heart shaped trashcan and proudly bringing it to school knowing it would be coming home stuffed with love (because we had to write valentines to everyone) was always something to look forward to. i even loved the valentines day in college that i got a "love bites" balloon from my roomie and neighbor. as much as i wanted to hate the day, i couldn't. maybe it's because i have a big heart (too big as some people think.) but it's just so great to see everyone else stop and love. even if it's just for one day. so here is my valentines happiness. in no particular order...

talking to everyone in my family yesterday.
cards of love from my friends.
candy hearts. especially the ones with spanish writing!
wake up calls.
all the cheesy goodness i hate to, chocolates and a teddy bear...sent from afghanistan.
the customer who said..."oh he is serving his country and he still remembers you!" ha.
the delivery boy who was still in a good mood. believe me, i worked in a flower shop. i know how hard that day is.
girly movies and whataburger.
hearing that my mail got to their destinations on time.
the pictures of snow from aunt steph and everyone else.
valentine pencils from barbara. made me feel like a kid.
a time to love.
pictures of emma and evia with their breakfast chocolates smeared on their faces.
tate's "be mine" message. adorable.
camper talks.
getting to enjoy it all today, because i have no work!

sorry to all those that hate this holiday. i just love the basic meaning. love.

happy thursday!

i love you!

2008 - 17 feb (this one in honor of the daytona 500 on sunday)

happy new season day!

daytona 500 today, i am so ready for another season. i got my kasey kahne full size cut out (thanks to narb) a budweiser (for his new sponsor) and my laptop ready for trackpass (thanks dad!)

it's the most wonderful time of the year...


krista/ralf said...

i LOVE your flashbacks! i totally forgot about our "ahhhhh"'s and i had to do one out loud while making myself a halo when i read that... which ended up completely giving me the giggles and my cat staring at me and then running away. oh, shel. thank you again.

james and michele said...

was another funny one about the tgi fridays waiter that was flirting like crazy, then came into steve's for flowers and said "my MOM is going to love these."

i also came across your guest post about our fabulous spring like day in february. you, me, adrienne, ua on the porch. pure bliss. :)

krista/ralf said...

AH! the tgiF guy! that we went back and looked for again! and oh, what a pretty day that was at the laf house. what were we flipping? i remember something random... hm.

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