Friday, February 6, 2009

flashback friday.

2005 -

happy superbowl err...i mean transfiguration sunday! (right ralf?!?) supposedly it's even better than this guy... at the first superbowl ever!

again tom brady why are you so cute and have to play for the patriots?

i love weekends with ralf.

i hate lesson plans.

i love superbowl parties!

happy football day...

2006 -

okay so now that i am thinking a bit more clearly let me explain...

i was on my way to lafayette for cori's 21st surprise party. we were all going to meet her at harry's. i was running a bit late because i got stuck in traffic due to an accident. the whole way up i saw people in the ditches and had to slow down a few times because there were tow trucks, ambulances, police cars...pretty much anything with lights.

well we were coming up on another accident and the guy in front of me slowed down. i was a few seconds behind him and when i went to slow down i slid. a few other cars were sliding and going off in the ditch. i swerved to miss one of them and ended up going downhill. i had to time to think, "man this is a long way." the fireman estimated it was a good 70 feet down. i hit the ditch and we think my tires must have stuck and the next thing i knew i was hanging upside down. i don't really remember flipping. i let the pressure up on my belt and unbuckled myself, somehow got down without falling on my head. the windshield and passengers side window was broken and water was coming in. not too much just enough to ruin my phone and my journals and get me wet and smelly.

i was so confused on which way everything was. i felt like i was in the passengers seat and i went to reach for my light where it usually is and then remembered "oh yea it is all backwards because you are actually sitting on the ceiling." same thing when the fireman got there, i went to turn down my radio and actually turned it all the way up. i reached for my phone then remembered it would be in the cup holder so i reached over my head and then realized "but no it would have fallen" it was strange, i was confused and very scared.

the firemen got there right away because they were already helping other cars. they saw me go down and were afraid that there were fatalities or i would be knocked out. air bags did not come out and overall jones faired pretty well. they were yelling for me and asking how many were in there. it was just maggs and i. somehow he and i were both unharmed. i even had a cement stepping stone in the backseat and he didn't get knocked out by it. i was so thankful he wasn't in the passengers seat because i don't know if he would have been thrown out the window or what.

they got us out and carried me across the ditch. i went up to the fire truck to call dad who was expecting me anytime. they wanted to put a collar thing on, but i refused because i felt okay. i did have to go in an ambulance so they could check my vitals. maggs hopped in to and i don't think they were going to protest. he would not leave my side.

the firemen drove me to meet dad at a gas station and jones was towed to frankfort. i was able to see him on sunday and get my stuff out of the trunk. then we had to go to the site of the accident to get my stuff out of the ditch. when they tipped my car back over stuff fell out and the jerks that they are left it there. all but my gps unit. we think they stole that.

dad said the only thing he wanted from the accident walked away.

i am so thankful for the people that were there. it was definitely the scariest thing i have experienced and even worse being alone.

aunt steph said God must have big plans for me, he wanted to keep me around a little longer. and i cannot be reminded enough that he had an angel riding with me.

my whole life i have always thought that inanimate objects have feelings, thus all my stuffed animals having to sleep on my bed for fear of leaving one out, or loving the brown crayon because no one ever wants it. that is how i feel about jones. i feel so bad for what happened. i know it was an accident, but i was so attached to him and i hate that he is ruined. i did not want to leave him at the junkyard. he really was a beast of a car. i abused him so much and he was so good to me. he can withstand a lot.

i just worry about what happens now. dad told me i shouldn't, but i can't help it. i am still pretty shook up and upset. it was good to work today. kept my mind off it, but i am scared to get back on i-65. the last two times haven't been the best. i am also starting to feel it a little bit. they told me i would probably be sore.

ashley a girl i work with brought me jimmy johns today. she is friends with jenna dob. thanks jenna for telling her what i like. that was the sweetest thing. thank you ashley.

my new shoes from the summer spent the night in the ditch, so yes taylor they are now officially dirty.

maggs is still a little freaked. dav said he went crazy when he was driving on 65. he also doesn't like when i leave.

thanks for all the prayers and support guys. it means a lot. thanks for being there. i needed it. more than you know.

dad put some pictures up of my car and the hill. the first and second one you can see where dad and dav are picking up my stuff. mom was standing at the top where i first went off. to see them go here.

i also need your numbers again. my phone is fried, but we transferred my number to mom's phone which i am currently using, so if you need to get ahold of me you can. message me your number or just call.

this year can get better anytime now.

psalm 56:3-4 when i am afraid, i will trust in you. in God, whose word i praise, in God i trust; i will not be afraid.

remember you are always resting in His arms; let yourself rest there. - adrienne

psalm 57:1-2 have mercy on me, o God, have mercy on me, for in you my soul takes refuge. i will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed. i cry out to God Most High, to God, who fulfills his purpose for me.

2007 -

lazy eye and annie hall.

went to the eye doctor today.

he said i should only wear my contacts for a month and then throw them out. eek! i have had some for over 4 months or longer before.

i also found out that my left eye is dumb. it's lazy and makes my right eye do all the work. he did a couple tests and said "interesting." apparently when i am looking with both of my eyes the left one just drops (can't find a better word) a little. and he said my brain has become accustomed that it just doesn't use it, because if it did i would see double. and the right one does all the work. it's something that you are born with.

subbing tomorrow and the next day for the computer teacher. yikes! stripes fruit striped gum.

happy day!


be strong.

2008 - this was actually from the 5th. i didn't blog on the 6th.

pray for levi...

if you would.

his surgery is tomorrow. i am heading up there this afternoon. so thankful i don't have school tomorrow, so i can be there. i will be back here tomorrow night.

be with the doctors, and nurses and everyone taking care of him.

keep him strong.

be with luke and tammy, and all our other family and friends.

thank you for the wonderful support system You have given us.



laura katherine said...

so, i know that you wrote the lazy eye thing 2 years ago . . . but i just thought i'd let you know that my eyes do the same thing! only its my right eye that doesn't want to work and my left eye that is picking up all the slack! crazy! .much love.

krista/ralf said...

"i love weekends with ralf."
even though this is old. you made my day today. and yes... happy superbowl sunday... i mean transfiguration sunday!! haha. LOVE it. thanks sooo very much for the smiles that i sooo very needed. you.andever.

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