Friday, February 20, 2009

flashback friday.

most are from 21 feb.

2005 -
i was listening to david essex "rock on"

- that songs makes me think of my cousin erik and luke

i had the hardest time falling asleep last night. might have been because maggs was dreaming about chasing who knows what and his paws were moving and kept scratching my wall, or because my mind was racing with all these artsy creations i wanted to do, or because i could not stop thinking about something, or because i could not keep my mind off camp and all the fun things i want to do to prepare for it and the fun things i can't wait to do while i am there, whatever the reason was i had to reset the sleep timer on my iPod after the first 90 minutes for another hour.

you may not know but i get bored with things easy. which is weird because i also hate change. hmmm imagine that. i am so tired of the same routine everyday at riley, trinity, and class. i think part of the reason is because i just really don't want to be there or doing that. i have definitely decided that i won't be going on in this field once i graduate. i just get so phased out sometimes. like driving up to school it is so routine and i find myself spaced out, i feel like i am just going through the motions. i hate that! it is funny how excited i get for something a little out of the ordinary. whether talking to someone unexpected on the phone, a birthday party at riley, or a package in the mail.

excitement for today was a birthday party, a care bear one, and being on the radio. i won the new delirious? cd for knowing switchfoot lyrics. it was so cool! i talked to tower, the radio guy, for awhile. he is fun and i was happy because when he said "so your name is shell? like the gas station?" and i replied "right, but with only one l" and he said "oh so like shel silverstein?" yes yes yes! then we talked about how great shel silverstein really is. i once memorized his poem 'sick' for my acting class at the library i was in when i was real little and dreamed of making it big and starring in a movie with jonathan taylor thomas. awww those were the days!

wanting to draw but must finish lesson plans...

2006 -

i won a 20 dollar gift card to panera for selling the most during valentines week!

along with the academy i would like to thank...

my dad. for teaching me how to be a good sales person.

ralf. for cheering me up on the days when i come home feeling blah. and bringing me reese's.

adrienne. for encouraging me to work in a flower shop in the first place.

and most importantly all the guys who i suckered in to buying more. this breads for you.

2007 -


this week has been a bit up and down.

but thankfully more ups.

new glasses.
new babies.
new friends.
new tobymac cd. (bam i saw you were listening to this too and i was so excited!)
long talks online.
phone calls from old friends.
webcams. definitely makes the distance to james seem smaller.
homemade dvds.
owning empire records again!
80degree weather.
friendly postal workers.
discovering the band "wailing jenny's" they are canadian. and also very clever.
slumber party plans!

i think i am getting sick, and adrienne said 21 kids were out the other day in the junior high alone. lots of strep. let's hope not. we checked each other's throats out tonight. hoping i feel better tomorrow!

2008 -

countdown updates.

11 school days until spring break and vegas!

25 days until my 25th birthday.

less than 2 months until james comes home!

12 weeks of school left.

5 months 1 week and 5 days until the wedding, plus 1 day until the honeymoon.

so excited! i cannot believe this deployment is almost over! may we never have to experience another one.

keep's what keeps me going.


krista/ralf said...

reeses. i could use some about now. pretty bad! or maybe just a flower on my nightstand. that was my all time favorite thing ever. love you.

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