Sunday, February 1, 2009

lutheran dork.

i'm going to be a lutheran dork for a little bit. today at the voter's meeting after church we discussed adopting the "new" lutheran hymnal. (lsb)

i got so excited while ben was explaining it to the congregation.

1. because when i was in texas our church there adopted it. it was very exciting.

2. because he mentioned the different services it had in it. when he said page 15, i was giddy.

i laughed remembering the singing war rufio and i had at camp over the blue and red hymnal. we sang very obnoxiously in the staff lounge some favorite hymns from our respective hymnal. not even stopping to listen to one another.

oh how i love the old red hymnal.

it was unanimous, and we will be slowly adding these to our pews. i cannot wait for the full transition!


momv said...

i love the old red hymnal too! another lutheran dork:)

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