Wednesday, May 2, 2012

sweet sister moments.

i'm so glad she knows them...or knows of them. her siblings in heaven.

you should know that i say her "now i lay me..." prayer. for the God bless part we say "daddy, mama, baby, eliza, delia and pebble"

james says "the Lord's prayer" after that.

for each one we leave parts out for her to say.

example -
me - God bless

eliza - daddy! (sometimes she lists all of us, but if she forgets i fill in and she repeats. she always says pebble on her own)

me - mama, baby, eliza, delia and...

eliza - PEBBLE!

jump to the end of the Lord's prayer tonight...

james - forever and...

eliza - and PEBBLE!
then i was trying to get her to say "i love you."

me - i

eliza - i

me - love

eliza - love DELIA!
she knows them. she knows their name. she knows they are ours. her siblings.
i feel like she really grew up and stepped into a big sister role. even though her baby sister isn't physically here, something changed in her last august.

she's more caring. responsible. nurturing. loving. considerate.

she became a big sister.

others have noticed too.

it's a pretty awesome thing. i love hearing her talk about delia. even in the awkward moments like this week...
as i moved her urn to the bookshelf from our dresser.

eliza - what's that?

me - uhhhhhh...delia.

eliza - what's in there?

me - uhhhhhh...delia.

thankfully she didn't ask more yet.

it's coming. i know, i think we have a good foundation though. she's always known them. they are a part of our everyday life.

hopefully God will give us more to love here on earth. i hate that half our family is up there.

it's a struggle.


Tesha said...

That is so sweet. My three year old Shayla is so sweet when she talks about Jonathan, but like you said the urn does confuses her a little. I have an urn necklace that she kisses and says baby Jonathan. She asked for her own heart necklace to match mine for her birthday. She sometimes calls it baby Jonathan. It is so beautiful how you are keeping Delia"s memory in her heart :) Saying a prayer that the Lord would indeed give you the desires of your heart and add to your family!

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