Tuesday, May 1, 2012

there is nana...

and then there is nana steph.

my mom's identical twin.

eliza just loves her.

it was super cute the day she looked at each of them and said "huh! two nanas!"

since then aunt steph became nana steph.

my mom had three boys, steph had two, then i came along. two years later steph had cori, so i wasn't the only girl.

she had fun making dresses for us.

now steph has three grandsons.

so she makes dresses for eliza.

people ask where i found this dress and i just smile thinking "if only you had a nana steph!)

steph and elden (who happens to be my dad's cousin. they were also born on the same day) lived a mile down the road from us, so us cousins grew up real close. we were related on both sides after all!

there were times that cori and i talked about our moms. i'd complain about mine, she'd complain about hers, and we both thought the other had the better one.

steph used to let me "help" cross stitch. now she lets eliza "help" sew.

steph got polio when she was two. her left arm is limp, but she never let it stop her.

eliza noticed it and says "nana steph hand broken."

she's very concerned.

she still talks about it, and looks at nana's to see if it's the same.

steph said she never had someone that young notice.

nana steph made the baptismal gown both my girls wore.

she made them blankets as babies. she made us a quilt for our wedding, and it's the best snuggle on the couch blanket.

she made eliza a pink bunny with a special patch on it's heart with some fabric from delia's blanket.

he makes a good pillow.

aunt steph called the morning after that ultrasound. she had the words and encouragement i needed at that moment. facing that decision. i am forever grateful for that.

she took care of grandma when she was sick.

she spends her days serving God.

she is a blessing to all that know her.

nana steph has lipstick in her purse. she leaves kiss marks on eliza's cheeks, and let's her play with it.

eliza talks about nana steph...a lot.

i am so thankful that my mom is a twin and we grew up so close.

it sure is nice having two nanas!


Stephanie Hildebrandt said...

so, shel... can you guess i cried when i read your last blog post? no surprise to you. i guess God gives me your mom's girls to love, before i get my own. i got to sew w/ pink for you before cori came along and now i get to sew for eliza before my own granddaughter comes along (hint - cori :)'eliza's easy to love w/ that explosive, vibrant personality God has blessed her with. you made my day, thank you.

jackie said...

Love them both!! :) So thankful to know all of you.

Krista's Class said...

I'm a big fan of Steph myself...one pretty fantastic lady :)

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