Wednesday, May 16, 2012

hands full.

inspired by today's post.

instead of hands free, i'll have hands full.

random pics of what we do to make the most of these days.

there is a link on the right side.

that pic was taken when my hands (or arms) were full with delia. taken right before we said good bye.

i knew i wanted to use that pic, and when i pulled it up i had to laugh that my phone just happened to be in the background.

that moment it was playing music that i could sing along to. playing her songs, our songs.

today was a happier day. some of it spent outside at the new house aka "daddy's house"

eliza got to use her new watering can (thanks sarah!) and help me plant herbs that she (thanks james!) gave me for mother's day.


tristan said...

Love it!! Gardening is my favorite thing to do with the boys. Dirt, water, and watching our plants grow is something we love together!!

Michy ( said...

hands full--I like that perspective! I found your link from the linky on weak and love's post...
:) michy

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