Wednesday, May 23, 2012


i remember posting eliza's in and out pics.

i so wish i could have done the same with delia.

i want new pics of her.

i wish i could see what she looks like now.

does she look like me and eliza?

did she favor daddy?

9 months ago we had to say goodbye.

we didn't even get that long with her here on earth.

as painful of a pregnancy as it was (physically and emotionally) i wish it could have lasted forever.

i had a dream a few nights ago that i was pregnant with her again.

i'll have to keep dreaming. 

i love when i dream of her.

keep visiting me delia, i want to watch you grow.


Tesha said...

So sweet, I am glad you have sweet dreams about her :)

Emily Cook said...

It will not always be this way. You'll get an answer to those questions... but the waiting is so hard.


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