Tuesday, May 29, 2012

oh! fawn!

i posted this pic on my fb and said that there would be a story coming.

then life got in the way. i had 2 extra girls and they all needed to get to church for the first night of vbs.

so sorry for the delay.

my hands were full. :)

here is how i told the story. it's all true.

yesterday ma came and picked eliza up so i could work. i ran to town and when i was coming back to the apartment i pulled into the driveway a doe ran in front of me. right behind her was a fawn. she had to of JUST had him/her. it was so tiny! i've never seen a fawn THAT small.

i don't know if he was just learning how to walk, or just got scared, but when i pulled onto the gravel he fell down and cowered. you could see him hunch up like he was trying to hide. ears twitching waiting for me to pass.

his mama was on the other side of me, and i was cursing myself for not having my phone because i couldn't get a picture of him.

i thought "no one will believe just how tiny he was!" then i thought "dude, i totally don't have to pee on this stick i just bought. it HAS to be positive."

well, i did. and it was!

it was crazy! when ma took eliza i thought to myself "you are never going to get any work done unless you find out first." so i jumped in the car, ran to town and hurried home. praying the whole way. when i was on our road my thoughts floated and i was thinking about what we'd call this new bean of ours. pull into the driveway and "oh! fawn!"

so then i procrastinated more. made one banner, this one, not one for an order and ran to the house where james and my parents were working.

i wasn't going to tell them yet, but we've never waited, and we've also never been around them in person to tell them.

so after i showed james the stick, i told them the story.

then dad snapped this pic. totally our life right now. in the middle of constructing the house.

only after he took it did we realize he cut off the piece of durarock in just the right place. so it says ROCK (james' nickname) and "next gen"

a boy perhaps?! :P

either way, we are so excited. scared, but excited.

yes, it's early, but we don't ever regret sharing. i just hate how bad everyone feels after we have to untell them. so sorry, but hopefully it won't matter this time!

grow little fawn! grow!


sarah said...

hooray! i have been praying for you & your family lots- now i'll be sure to include fawn! blessings on you and yours. love.

Laura said...

grow fawn grow. So so so happy for you. Praying for you all.

Emily Cook said...


grow fawn!!!!

Jen said...

The universe works in such mysterious and beautiful ways! I LOVE FAWN!!! Regardless of a boy a girl, you must name it Fawn!!! I love this story and I love you guys! GROW FAWN GROW!!!

Bailey said...

Congratulations!!! I haven't talked to you much since we left Korea, but I have followed every word and have been hoping and praying you are blessed again. We too recently found out we have baby bean #5 and with all the losses in both of our lives, I will be praying it works out for both of us. I can't imagine what all you have been through, you deserve to catch a break this time. So happy for you and your family!!! Lots of prayers!

Kelly Pifer said...

Wahoooo!! Totally just jumped up, knocked my chair over,scared my poor husband and did a super happy dance for you guys!!! Grow baby Fawn, grow!!

Natalie said...

Congratulations to you, James, Eliza and your whole family! Praying for you all <3

Michelle Wietbrock said...


Alyssa said...

Congratulations, Shel, James, and Eliza! We are so happy for you and will be praying for all of you! Much love!

Babs said...

I saw the title of the post and I thought "Merv's pregnant! YAY!" I'm so very very thrilled for you.

Melaina25 said...

CONGRATS! Mega happy sticky and healthy baby vibes xoxo

nancy said...


I saw the Rock in the pic right away...

but i missed the next gen. : )

I love it when you feel like you are in a movie...and the signs just keep unraveling.

: )

Lauren said...

sooooooo praying for you and so happy for you!!

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