Sunday, May 27, 2012

hands full update.

by day 3 she didn't even ask to watch a movie in the morning!

i bought an alarm clock, and i haven't taken my phone to bed. that's been the hardest, but i've been going to bed earlier instead of playing words with friends.

there have been a few times that i have walked out of the house and forgotten my phone all together. and didn't notice for awhile!

we spent the last few days outside and in the kiddie pool. it's been fun, and a nice kick off to the summer!

speaking of the summer, i just finished our summer bingo chart inspired by delia of delia creates. (i discovered her after losing our delia, and she is so fun. makes me smile. never knew another delia and now she's become one of my favorite bloggers!)

 i asked whit if the girls would be in on it too. so once i get these printed out, we'll get started!

if we get a bingo we'll go out for ice cream!

james said i should put "move into a new house" on there. that way eliza gets one that enola doesn't. he totally missed the point about us doing this TOGETHER!

you can find a template on her blog and fill in your own for summer hands full fun!

i added the year too, because i'm hoping we'll continue this each summer as they grow.


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