Monday, January 5, 2015

hattie's first birthday!

have you heard the term rainbow baby? if not, this explains it well...

being that hattie is our rainbow baby, i knew i wanted to incorporate that theme into her party. also, before she was bear, your might remember we called her fawn all throughout my pregnancy. so i wanted to play on that too. i think it worked out well combining the two!

here is the invite i sent out...

the envelopes had a deer stamped on them too. i liked that her name was all straight lines, so i could just make it like that in photoshop, no special font. although, i do love a good font!

she wore one of eliza's old dresses, and i had major guilt over this. i feel like every girl needs a new dress for their birthday, easter and Christmas. it was just too perfect though! handmade by an army wife while we were stationed in korea. the print is just adorable!

the pennants were mama made for the party and hung up in her nursery after the party.

i also finished needle felting a party hat that i started in korea. made eliza a hat, it was only fair! and for more decoration, i printed instagram prints from her first year using persnickety prints. they all went in a book, or in their bedroom collage walls later.

i used dum dums for the balloons on her cake. i saw on pinterest to use water balloons, since they are smaller, but her cake was too small. so they went in a vase on another table.

everyone else got to enjoy toadstool cupcakes. eliza always wants to help decorate, so i let her help cut the grass. it made the bar look fun! i put some of the cupcakes on blocks so they would be different heights.

my big helper, in her rainbow sweater!

and speaking of cake...the birthday girl LOVED it. so fun to watch. eliza was sick on her first birthday and wasn't a big fan. hattie couldn't get enough and cheesed it up for everyone. she was pretty dainty in her eating though, didn't really destroy it!

"whoo. i need a break."

and probably one of my favorite parts was her time capsule. again, i wanted to be fair, can you tell i'm the baby of my family? since we were in korea for eliza's first birthday, and no family got to be there with us, i wanted to involve them. i sent everyone blank cards cut to specific sizes, and asked them to decorate and send them back, that was the main decoration at her party. they were really fun to see! so for hattie, i decided to leave out supplies, and have people bring things, or decorate at the party. put them in a canister i found at hobby lobby, and she will get it on her 18th birthday.

eliza checking out part of her wall.

the spread. also, you can see the favors i put together too. little colored pencils, a fawn notebook i stitched together, fawn pins, and a rainbow eraser.

i am so thankful our family and friends participate in these ideas i get. they mean more than any store bought gift. i know someday the girls will love looking at them!

can't believe we are getting ready to celebrate her 2nd birthday. it's true, the days are long, but the years are short. :sniff:


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