Tuesday, January 6, 2015

back to painting rainbows.

we like to remember delia on her birth/heaven day. eliza will ask to look at her box of things from the hospital at random. it's nice to keep the conversation flowing, i don't want them to ever forget, or not know her, and for us, this is what works. as a family, we eat pink pancakes, release balloons, visit her tree and just remember our time with her. 

delia's "thing" has always been rainbows. we like to think that God passed her the brushes as soon as she met Him. 

there were so many people that were there and supported us then, and continue to, so we like to get together and just have fun making our own rainbows...and a huge mess! nice to let go and be crazy! last year was the first year, and this year, we had just as much fun. we even added some fun new things to make it crazier! hello paint slide! 

the kids might think we've lost our minds, or may not understand why we do this, but the parents do. it is nice to see everyone smile and just paint away. it's not often you get to throw all cares away and act like a kid. it's funny to see the kids hopping in the pool while adults are still chasing each other around trying to squeeze more paint sponges, or attack someone with hugs!

 me with my parents at bug's first rainbow party!

 james built this slide right before the party. there was a sheet of plastic, and some moving pads under it. i thought it was going to be too steep, but the kids loved it! we added some coconut oil to it for even quicker slides!


 made some colored spaghetti for the baby pool. it didn't stay in there long though, it was flying everywhere!

 james also put together this sprinkler for some cleaner fun.

and last year i said i was going to make something out of the fabric we painted? well, i got around to that about the week before this party. cut out a bunch of flags and made two banners. one decorated the party, and the other i hung up in our play room. i love the brightness it adds, and the memories tied to it!
it is such a great way to end the summer, especially since the pool needs to be drained at the end of the party!


Amy and Mark said...

We think of Delia Jean so often. When we see rainbows and when we talk about sisters. We love you all and will always remember your sweet girl.

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