Monday, January 12, 2015

these girls. these moments.

hattie has been fighting naps and bedtime lately.

it's been rough for all of us.

today i made sure all things that could get her in trouble were out of their room. then i pulled the whole "you don't have to nap, but you need to have some quiet time" trick.

she cried a little, but then was quiet, for over an hour.

then from the playroom eliza said "is quiet time over?"


"well, hattie just wants me to open the door."

"don't do it."

then through the vents i hear "ziza, hep pee" (eliza, help please) over and over.

"she's just sitting by the door mama!"

and this is why it will be okay if hattie never learns to open doors.

fast forward a bit. i go upstairs while they are watching frozen, to see what damage she did during quiet time.

hold my breath, walk into their room, not a thing is out of place. the covers on her bed aren't even messed up. everything is how i left it.

she really did just sit next to that door for over an hour.

fast forward even more. bedtime comes. bedtime screams come. i go. to try and enjoy a few minutes before abner gets mad.

eliza comes back out "can you lay with me mama?"

"is your sister asleep?"


i go up there and see this...

and i melt.
lay down with eliza and enjoy some time with my big bean. we chat, she listens, i listen, we just enjoy each other.

"why does sister bear throw fits at nap and bedtime?"

"i don't know mama."

"probably because she is almost two. have you heard of the terrible twos?"


"she is still a baby in some ways, but she wants to be a big girl. she gets frustrated when we can't understand what she wants. she doesn't have all of her words yet. wouldn't that be frustrating if people didn't understand you?"


deep breaths, pats on my shoulder, some whispers, silence.


"yes mama?"

"you are the best big sister."

"you are the best big mama."

"gee, thanks!"

"mama, sometimes, on tv, i just hear 'nationwide is on my side.'"

"aaaaand it's time for me to go."


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