Monday, January 26, 2015

abner is (was) four months!

dude just keeps growing and growing.

he also gets cooler and cooler.

bonus picture this month. papa helped get some smiles out and abner really responded!

abner likes...
being a mellow baby.
baths and showers.
being swaddled.
sucking on his hands.
sucking on his blanket.
cooing, gurgling and letting out little shrieks.
stealing hearts.
bow ties.
sleeping on his tummy.
being upright.

fun month with abner's first Christmas. the start to his (or my) bow tie obsession. his first story time that wasn't for his sisters. becoming more crunchy and sporting his amber necklace. can't start it soon enough, i'm sure he will have teeth before we know it! one not so fun thing, this month he got his first double ear infection. discovered that at his well baby check. :( abner continues to be awesome. his sisters may steal some of his time, but he is laid back enough that if i need to set him down he will either be content to "play" or fall asleep. (most of the time...he does have his needy moments) i told james he is the best of both worlds. one girl would not be held or rocked and the other couldn't be put down, if he gets snuggles, that's cool...if not, he is okay too! continuing to thank God for the blessing that abner is. we just eat him up daily, and love to love on our boy. he is just starting to really respond to the girls and it melts this mama's heart time and time again.


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