Saturday, January 3, 2015

abner is (was) three months!

another month where i took the picture, but didn't get it blogged or collaged until way later. right before Christmas this little man turned 3 months. crazy!

abner likes...
being on his belly.
being swaddled. half aussie, half regular. i call it the boiler up.
sucking on his hand.
baths and showers.
clean diapers. especially a fresh one to poop in.
being upright.
being handsome.
this month was of course filled with Christmas things. visiting santa, first trip to the tree farm, decorating the tree, sleeping under the lights. it was also filled with smiles. from abner and from us. he smiles are so big and goofy, they make me laugh. we have been figuring out what he likes more and more. he is full of silly expressions and keeps us laughing in the pics i take. especially the fear on his face when his sisters are near! those plaid overalls were a hand-me-down from cousin reese, and how i wish he never outgrew them. i could put him in overalls everyday and be so happy! overalls and bowties! loving this change into having a boy. james will catch us just staring at each other and says "get a room." and i laugh, because finally, he can see what it's like. i have had to compete with two little girls for daddy's heart. now it's my turn to have another little love. and i can't get enough! stealing hearts already.


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