Friday, January 16, 2015

sometimes i wonder...

if eliza can read. words or minds.'s freaky. it's happened many times before, but here are the latest ones.

she randomly asked me "what if you have a baby when abner is still a baby?"

a week later we were pulling on a wishbone and as we made our wishes i thought "i hope we have another baby...wait! no i don't...just give me peace one way or another."

we pull. i win. she asks "did you wish for a baby?"

my friend said she is so intuitive. many times i wonder if she is really 5, or one of my friends.


after that james emailed me a video of the app of anna giving birth (um. what?)

i told him i'd have to watch the video when she wasn't standing right over my shoulder.

then i told him about the whole wishbone thing.

as i was typing she asked "why hasn't your wish come true yet?"


she always wants to make cards to send to friends.

yesterday, not long after i read about glitter bombs, she cut up some paper, brought me a card and said "can we put this in the card? so when enola opens it it will just fall out, and it will be really fun and funny."


stuff like this happens all the time. i am excited for her to learn to read, but not sure i am prepared for it.

:runs off to clear history:

also...get out of my head.


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