Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy valentine's day!


that's "i love you" for those not fluent in toddler. "eye" because she always points to her eyes when she says it. :) or she used to...it's fading as she grows.

she colored and stickered the back of 30-some valentines. adding her personal touch to these.

it was so fun seeing her hand them out.

i'm sure next year she'll be picking ones herself. for now, i'm having fun!

my (other) valentine just got home from work with flowers and wine. he's been working too much lately. makes me feel like an actual army wife again!

it could be worse...


momv said...

love these pics:) someone said to me, "she really as an eye for great photography"
yep, of course it helps with the subject she has!!!

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