Thursday, February 9, 2012

dear eliza,

shortly after we took these pictures tonight...

(i love your face in the last one. also you were the one that started lining up letters. you had the liz, not in order, but still!)

you randomly counted to 10.

it completely surprised me. we never pushed you to do "tricks" point to body parts, animal sounds, etc. we let you figure it out and THEN we, i mean i, made you do them over and over.

i think enola helped you learn this trick. she is awfully smart and you love to imitate her. it's definitely a monkey see, monkey do relationship!

i am so proud of you! after i picked my jaw up i tried to get it on video. you skipped a few, but still said most of them.

this early childhood development degree having mama is still beaming.

i love watching you grow, explore, and learn!


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