Sunday, February 26, 2012

slumber party with my best toddler.

eliza and i are up watching the dogs while nana and papa are meeting and spending time with their newest granddaughter aelah mae.

i give her the option of sleeping in nana's bed (a king size waterbed) or her bed (a bottom bunk)

she usually says her bed. the first night she slept there, and for the first time in quite awhile i slept in another room, but last night she wanted to sleep with the dogs. so nana's bed it was!

she demanded that macy stay with her and cried when "macko" (magglio) followed me out.

when i finally came to bed she was awake and said "my bed." i asked her if she wanted to move and she nodded yes. then said "you tomin' mommy?"

how could i resist. so we ditched the dogs and snuggled close in the twin bed.

she was so cute smiling and getting all situated.

i felt like we were best friends and about to share pillow secrets.

it lasted a little while then she hid and said "doh way mommy." (go away)

thanks bean!

ftr i stayed...and she still snuggled with me.


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