Monday, February 20, 2012

can i ask you a favor?!

eta - the date of "that ultrasounnd" was 11may2011 and her birth and heaven day was 23august2011, funeral 25august2011. if it helps you in your hunt!

i'm trying to get my life in some sort of order. finding a peace.

i've never been behind on putting pics in photo albums, and i won't even tell you where i left off.

i always journaled.

i needed it. i needed to document things.

tonight i had to let go that i was never going to catch up on blogs. my google reader was swamped ever since we moved home. somewhere around july i lost it.

so i'm asking. please, if you wrote anything about delia, either when she was born, or when we first heard about that ultrasound leave a link here.

i need to keep her posts close to me.

i want to hear you talk about her.

if you did multiple ones, and used a tag, just leave that link.

please. help!

here is hoping i can keep up with blogs now that i have a fresh start.

i'm already breathing easier seeing that empty box, but i'm so afraid of what i missed in your lives too!

let me know if there is something i HAVE to read!


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking of you and Delia on Sunday night. There is a sculpture/metal art piece across from Seymour
Hospital that is called "Dehlia". I know it's
spelled differently, but the sun was setting and
light was still shining on it that night and I
wondered if she is in heaven playing music
for Jesus. Sent up a prayer for you that night. Hugs.

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