Sunday, February 19, 2012

my world.

james actually had a busy week at work (the beard is required, but he is loving it. not often an army guy gets told to grow one!) so he didn't see eliza much at all.

he also didn't get over to the house for a lot of work. he was over there so much before making it ours that eliza started calling it "daddy's house"

we can't wait for all of us to be together consistently again. (is that possible in the army?)

that had a weekend of catching up and this mama loved it. not only did i get some (much needed!) alone time, but i got catch moments like this.

and then my heart burst.

i was sick last night, so he got up with her so she could go to sunday school and they could go to church. he dressed her, packed her bag and left without any questions. just a "go show mommy...see if you look okay!"

i was so proud. she looked cute and her hair was brushed!

i said on fb and it's so true...i love dad's of daughters.

there isn't much sweeter!


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